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Application FAQ
Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Women Startup Challenge at Google in NYC
Application Deadline: March 29

What about COVID-19?
Women Startup Challenge has shifted the Women Startup Challenge timeline due to COVID-19. The Women Startup Challenge will now take place on September 22, 2020 at Google in NYC.

All application submission deadlines have shifted, as well. Applicants now have until May 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm PT to submit final applications.

What if some of my information is confidential?
Please do not include any confidential information in your application if you do not feel comfortable. We will not publicly share any of your application, but it is shared with online jurors as they review your application.

If I applied to a previous Women Startup Challenge, can I apply again?
If you applied to a previous Women Startup Challenge and were not selected as a finalist, you are eligible to re-apply. Prior Women Startup Challenge finalists are not eligible to apply unless they have a new startup and new product. Finalists from the Women Startup Challenge Podcast are, however, eligible to apply for the in-person pitch competition.

How do you define “woman-led” startup?
You must be a women-led startup, defined as having at least one woman founder or co-founder on the team. 

Note: Women Who Tech uses an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female”, and we welcome transwomen, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify, have identified, or have been identified as female or woman.

What if I’m not a technical cofounder, or I don’t have a technical cofounder?
If you don’t have a technical cofounder, please email us ( and tell us more about your setup.

My startup is based outside North America. Can I still apply?
Only startups based in North America can apply to this particular Women Startup Challenge. 

What if I know one of the online or in-person jurors?
If you know a juror, or if there is a conflict of interest, please alert the Women Who Tech team ( ASAP. This will not disqualify you, nor will it help to advance your startup. We will assign your online application to a neutral juror who you do not know.

Can I introduce myself to the online judges or in-person judges after submitting my application, but prior to the pitch competition?
No. You cannot introduce yourself to online or in-person judges. Any communication with judges prior to the Women Startup Challenge will disqualify you. If there is a conflict of interest, please alert the Women Who Tech team ( ASAP.

What are the prizes?
Win up to $75,000, mentoring, pro bono services, and introductions to investors. 

Women Who Tech is awarding a $50,000 cash grant (equity free). The W Fund is committing a $25,000 investment (after the fund completes its first close) and pending final due diligence. All finalists will also receive pro-bono services, and participate in our Investor Mentoring Day where founders will meet one-on-one with several different investors.

After my application is submitted, can I make edits?
You can make edits until application submissions close on May 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm PT.

I already submitted my deck or a video but we closed another round, or something else has shifted, can I send an updated version?
You may only upload or revise your application, deck, and video until May 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm PT. We will not accept any revisions once applications close.

How long does it take to find out if my startup was selected as a finalist to pitch at Google?
Finalists will be announced by July 1, 2020.

Will airfare and accommodations be covered if I am selected as a finalist?
We are unable to provide airfare and accommodations for the Women Startup Challenge. As a volunteer-run nonprofit whose money goes toward funding women-led startups, this is not feasible. We do, however, provide accommodation sharing documents upon request so that you are able to work with other founders who would like to share space.

Which dates will I need to block off if I am chosen as a finalist?
Please block off the following dates in the event that you are chosen as a finalist. Attendance to each of these is required. Please let us know if there is a conflict as soon as you are selected as a finalist. 

  • July 10, August 3, and August 4: Pitch Coaching
  • September 22: Women Startup Challenge at Google in NYC
  • September 23: In-person meetings with Investors in NYC